I woke up this morning wondering if it was too late.
Would my candle shine with true love or burn with more hate?

I believe all the facts, there is no way I could be blind.  Pride in myself is always first in my mind.

I worship on Sunday, I do love the big show.
I sing songs to a Jesus that I don't really know.

Words stream from the pulpit, soft as they glide.
Most designed for the dollar, they never hurt my pride.

I stand under the steeple and play the part.
I can fool everyone around me, but He knows my heart.

I pick up the remote and sink deep into my chair.
I know He's not looking, there is no way that He will care.

I let the world stream in to open my eyes,
teaching me to love, the father of lies.

I read my bible just about every day,
but I don't apply any of it to my life, leaving me dead with decay.

I can see something different, it's a blinding light.
It's just a small candle, this can't be right.

I notice love and grace shining from the flame.
I decide to surrender to Jesus, it's time to leave the game.

I now have a new life, I can't even begin to explain. Its like finding the wind, it's all in vain.

I now have a choice, He made me completely free.
So now I choose to obey, because it's not about me.

There was a day when I couldn't choose.
Today is very different, I begin to follow the rules. 

I am a complete slave to what I obey.
But I am longer bound, call it what you may.

We all make choices that will last forever.
God will guide us through this very difficult endeavor.

If my life is not real, if I choose not to obey,
The truth will never come no matter how many times I pray.

Here comes the confusion riding in on a gale.
Does God really love them, they are in jail.

I visit them today and I will go back. 
Here comes the enemy to start the attack.

Whispers and lies dance through my mind.
They will not listen, the truth, they will not find.

Look at everything they have done, there is no way they will turn.
They've hurt so many people, it's best to let them burn.

I step right into the cell and I know the enemy is here.
they are trained for battle and they look for my gear.

If I don't wear any armor and I don't know the Son, they will cut me to pieces, which to them, will be lots of fun.

Hate and confusion is spread in their wake.
They can very easily define the real from the fake.

I hear the door shut as I hold up my sword.
Who wants to talk about Jesus, my Savior and Lord?

I walk right into the war, right up to the front line,
as the enemy is screaming, they are all still mine.

Most will call it jailhouse religion and say they're  too low, as they continue to talk about their pretty houses all in a row.

They really don't have time for the lost and their shame, because they spend every minute searching for their god, money and fame.

They say warmly, with a smile, stay warm and eat well, not even aware of their own sickness and smell.

I sit at the table and talk about the Truth.
The men gathered are called scum and completely uncouth.

I see them as the blind, the sick and the lame.
Jesus knows each one of them completely, He knows them by name.

Sometimes it all feels so pointless as I keep throwing the seeds.
I can't see any harvest, only more and more needs.

I know it's not very glamorous, it really never was my plan, But He moved inside, turned over my tables, and changed all that I am.

Some of them sit and listen, others just snarl and sneer. They ask me what are you doing, why are you even here?

I hold up my shield and pray to the Son.
I know it's not about me, you are the only One.

I wait for Him to answer as I slowly die.
Am I living in the truth or still loving a lie?

Then softly He whispers, as I pray in my mind,
keep speaking my words to the lost and the blind.

The fog begins to lift, as I start to see very clear.
The love that I am speaking let's me know He is really here.

If you look at your candle and see any kind of flame, hold it up high, even though it will never bring you fame.

The candle you have may not be very bright,
but it will shine like the sun in the dark of night.

We will all drop straight to our knees and blame no other as Jesus introduces himself as "the least of these, my sister and brother."

How I look at life right now,  will be explained very differently then.
Do I seek to please God or just provide more entertainment for men?

Written by Christopher Shea